Janet Frank, Ph.D., NBC-HWC, A-CFHC, PFAC

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach, Certified Professional Food Addiction Coach

Thank you for visiting! If you’re here, something you’ve seen so far has struck a chord. I’m glad you’re taking a look and considering ways to reclaim your health. I welcome a conversation if you would like to learn more.

Health coaching is my dream career, but I would never have arrived here were it not for a series of experiences that set the stage.

I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in the 90s. I specialized in anxiety, depression, trauma, adult ADHD, and chronic pain, among other conditions. After 10 years in private practice, I was experiencing life stressors that probably triggered the gene for Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disorder that runs in my family.  When I was sitting in my doctor’s office, she said something that I have never forgotten, and for which I’ll always be grateful:

“After age 35, good health doesn’t come to us anymore. We have to go get it.”

I realized something had to go – either my career or my marriage, as I didn’t have the energy or focus to be present for both in the ways I felt were needed. After much soul searching about new careers, and increased energy once the thyroid disorder was diagnosed and treated, I switched to sales. For the next 14 years, I worked in B2B advertising. A stint with a sales coaching company introduced me to the joy and potential of coaching.

The thyroid disorder was under control within 6 months. But, I also developed symptoms that I would learn years later were due to a gluten intolerance. This was another health journey because  I had a difficult time with GI symptoms for years, and ultimately terrible joint pain.

I underwent many tests, but it was actually something I read on the internet about acid reflux that explained the possible effects of gluten.  Once I had a grip on my solution (this can take time, and may depend on variables unique to each person), I felt terrific and was able to enjoy my work.

In recent years, I have minimized or eliminated consumption of other foods, based on how I feel and what I’ve learned. It is an ongoing process; our bodies are not static.

Along the way, I missed being in a helping profession, so I started a local branch of a national non-profit that supports people who need to follow a gluten-free diet. While learning more about my own conditions, I’ve become increasingly aware of the benefits of functional medicine (which looks for the root cause of symptoms). I was following several practitioners, and thinking about incorporating this focus into my daily life, and helping others through health coaching. Furthermore, my father died of heart disease in this time period, having first been diagnosed with high blood pressure when I was in high school. I wondered how his life may have been different, if he’d had the support and education to take charge of his health differently.

Then came…

…COVID. My COVID epiphany was that that it was time for a change. When I learned that Chris Kresser offered a health coaching certification program, I made the decision that very day to commit myself on a professional level to helping people advance their sense of wellness.

I want to be a partner on your journey of learning and growing to help you “go get” your good health, whatever that means to you. I invite you to an initial consultation with me so you can decide if health coaching is the right fit. I hope you enjoy reviewing my site!

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