Some updates if you are curious. Still living a gluten free lifestyle. Honoring rest as much as possible. Large amounts of pain have dissipated. Pain has gone from like a 7 to a 2. Much improvement. I applied for a loan and was approved and I have a giant check in my drawer for my dream project. I requested a large raise and a move in my job description and got that at work. My mood is elevated and just working on energy levels to exercise or socialize. I have a prize to eye that is much closer than my original 10 year plan and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you to help me see another path that is more enjoyable than the one I was on was right next to me.
I’m thankful for such a great experience working with Janet! As a nurse, I began to realize that my pattern of always caring for others without caring for myself was placing me on a fast-track to physical illness. Coaching sessions with Janet helped me realign my personal vision, goals, and action plans to achieve better health. I’m convinced that all healthcare providers need a Coach Janet!
I had the pleasure of working with Janet for health coaching and it was a wonderful and eye-opening experience! Janet successfully worked with me to help define my goals and a plan of action to accomplish them. She asked thoughtful and probing questions throughout our time together, which were big “aha” moments for me. I enjoyed having her expertise and input throughout my coaching and also the accountability of our regular check ins. I’d highly recommend Janet!
I knew I wanted to change, but had no idea how to start. I was hesitant to try health coaching only because I didn’t know much about it. Having a personal coach was exactly what I needed! Janet helped me visualize success, focus on specific goals, and develop the steps I needed to take to reach those goals. The most important thing I learned from coaching was to not give up if something wasn’t working for me. There’s no shame in changing course! I highly recommend health coaching for anyone wanting to make changes in their health and habits. Janet will guide to the summit!
The coaching experience was new to me. I began to understand that the coach is a coach, and not really suggesting solutions for me. I was the person to figure out what I wanted or needed, but when I got stuck, Janet gently got some new ideas going. That would help me think of new ways that would work for me to get me to the goal I wanted. Janet also coached me to figure out measurable ways for me to be accountable to reach my goals. A profound discovery for me was that I needed to make goals, and say them out loud. I did well in identifying goals and strategies on how to obtain and maintain them. I have been using my calendar to help me focus on how to have more "me" time and not make too many plans for myself, and I learned how not to say "yes" to everything all the time. This has resulted in more enjoyment for myself and others. I focused on not overcommitting myself, watching social drinking, and increasing my focus on healthy eating and working out. I try to plan for all of this in the beginning of the week, and I would say these have been good goals for me. I learned not to beat myself up if I slip somewhere, and just continue on.
Janet and I did our health coach training together through the ADAPT program. As students and now colleagues, I have come to appreciate Janet’s intelligent and compassionate approach to coaching. She has a skillful way of sifting through wordy verbal processing to get to the essence of what a client is trying to communicate. I trust Janet’s coaching ability so much that I have referred cancer genetic counseling patients to her and even referred my closest friend. Janet’s professionalism and dedication to becoming an ever-better coach inspires those around her. You cannot help but want to be better at whatever you are doing when you are with Janet!
Amanda Nascimento, MS, CGC
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