November e-News: The Holidays Are Coming!

We’re full swing into the holiday season. Gut check. How are you? Some people love this time of year. Some people are overwhelmed by sending cards, buying gifts, attending endless events and the various required wardrobes, and navigating repeated food temptations every time they turn around. Then comes the dreaded New Year’s Resolution to take off the weight that most Americans gain over the holidays. Actually, this study suggests that we don’t gain as much in the holiday season as most of the world says, but what we do gain, stays, so there is a steady creep upward in adulthood.

Where do you struggle? 🎄🕎🥳🎉

What do you need in this season? More specifically, what do you need to feel your most alive? I love this quote about discipline, by Board Certified health coach Jason Gootman:

The word ‘discipline’ has been hijacked in our culture to erroneously mean making yourself do what you don’t want to do because it’s good for you. Discipline is actually knowing yourself really well, knowing what you really need to be your most alive, and settling for nothing less. Real discipline has a spirit more like self-advocacy than self-punishment.”

What happens when you frame your New Year’s Resolution within this frame of reference? (spoiler- Resolutions don’t work, and health coaches know exactly why. I’ll tell you in our free consultation!)  What does it mean to you? When, where, with whom do you feel your most alive?

Here are some suggestions for navigating the holidays:

1. Eat something with protein before an event. It’s the most satiating of the macronutrients, and going into an event not feeling hungry is huge. You can have a small taste of what looks unique or appealing, but not being starved will keep you from going overboard. 🥩🍗🍳

2. Remind yourself that you know what it tastes like. Sometimes a brief pause to ask yourself if you really need to eat that thing is enough to help you pass by.

3. Bring something more healthy that you can eat without derailing yourself.

4. Watch the alcohol. It turns to sugar in our systems, impairs our judgment so we eat more (and various other self-sabotaging behaviors), and impairs sleep. If you can avoid it entirely, what would that be like?

5. Be clear on your boundaries. This post may start you thinking:

6. Really this should be #1, but have a bigger-picture reason WHY you are avoiding the over-indulgence in the first place. This is a significant component of health coaching – helping you get in touch with why you’re doing the hard work in the first place. What is the ideal You in two years? What does THAT person need you to do right now, in this moment?

Food addiction is a real thing. It’s believed to impact 14% of adults and 12% of children. These are no small numbers! It looks like perhaps those who develop and revise the addiction diagnostic categories are beginning to catch on:

In this article, food addiction is likened to a substance use disorder (i.e., drugs!). It lights up the same centers of our brains. Having a problem with food is not a moral failing. Having obesity is not a moral failing. Our culture and our food industry, as well as big pharma, set us up for problems, and misinformation is everywhere. If you have felt like giving up, you’re not alone.

Too many people struggle this time of year (not to mention the birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries, outings, high-stress times, etc. that occur in the year, all of which may result in increased processed food consumption).

Mark Sisson writes a lot about “primal” living. Really it means providing the lifestyle for our bodies, minds, and spirits that matches as closely as possible the lifestyles our ancestors led, since we still share most of the same genes as people did thousands of years ago. Evolution happens really slowly. Here are some of his “primal holiday” tips:

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❄️❄️❄️❄️Wishing you a peaceful start to your season!❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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