Spoiler: Most diseases are considerably influenced by lifestyle. The pills you take might alleviate some of your discomfort, but they will not do a thing to change the progression of the disease- and it will progress- without changes to your lifestyle. When diseases progress… well, I don’t need to spell that out. Yes, I do. Chronic

I attended a lecture yesterday where some staggering statistics were reviewed. I already knew, but to hear them spelled out all together was mind-blowing.47-50% of people in the USA have high blood pressure. HALF. Left alone, this puts you at risk of heart attack, stroke, and destruction of your other organs, such as your kidneys.1

We’ve all heard the expressions. “Go with your gut. I have a gut feeling… He gut-punched me. “ These sayings exist for a reason! Turns out, our gut (which includes everything from our mouth to our anus) is a main driver of our good health. Functional and conventional medicine alike are increasingly recognizing that if

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