Viral in 2023: Health Coaching!

I was so delighted to see the Cleveland Clinic list getting a health and wellness coach as #3 on their list of health trends to go viral in this new year. I’ll post the link below, but for the curious, here is what that section says (photo below is my add, and not part of the article, credit to pexels):

3. Work with a health and wellness coach

Living healthier is a pretty common goal, but getting there can be a struggle. Maybe you just need your own personal health coach to serve as a guide on your wellness journey.

Exercise physiologist Katie Lawton, MEd, says that in 2023, she’d like to see more people tap into the expertise and energy that health coaches offer. “It’s not a new service,” Lawton notes, “but it’s one that deserves to be used more.”

What exactly is a health coach? Basically, it’s a healthcare professional who can help you set overall wellness goals and then offer support, advice and encouragement as you work toward them.

Health coaches typically work with you one-on-one while connecting via phone calls, emails, video chats or in person. Some health coach-led programs also involve small groups.

“Most of us are extremely successful when we are accountable to someone,” Lawton states. “Plus, your coach can answer questions as you go along and can offer support when you need a boost or some reassurance.”

Health coaches take somewhat of a behavioral science approach to assist you in getting healthier. Much of their coaching typically focuses on broad lifestyle issues, like:

“If your goal is to improve your overall health, then a health coach is great,” Lawton encourages. “They can help you get moving in the right direction.”

If you think you might benefit from this kind of guidance, talk to a healthcare provider for a recommendation for a national board-certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC). Many corporate wellness programs also offer this service, too.

(Now it’s me talking to you again) It’s encouraging to see a nationally recognized healthcare entity making this recommendation! A reminder: Health coaches do NOT dole out nutritional advice. We do not prescribe exercise plans. When you see “health coaches” who are doing this, they probably are not National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches. We are experts in the PROCESS of change, so we focus on behaviors, goals, motivations, wants, desires, etc., and we’ll help you figure out how best to implement it for yourself. Health coaches work from the assumption that each individual is vastly different from one another, so we cannot possibly know what’s best for you, or what will work for you – but we’ll help YOU figure that out for yourself. We can be a source of information if you want or need it, but giving you more information is not our primary goal.

In order to ensure your coach is likely to work ethically and within our scope of practice, look for a coach with the NBC-HWC credential.

Please feel free to reach out with questions – [email protected].

Here is the whole article, for those interested:

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