Are You Scam-Proof?

We still have a landline and an answering machine. When you’re finished snickering, please read the rest of the post. This one’s important!

I was deleting messages yesterday (all spam), and actually had one about my car’s extended warranty. I thought, “Wow, I can’t believe how many of these scams there are! But if they continue to have them, they must be profitable.”

Then I wondered who on earth they are scamming. I figured it may likely be unsuspecting senior citizens, at least in part (I’ve seen it happen, only it was with a home improvement issue). Then I thought, “I hope I am never one of those senior citizens that falls victim to a scam.”

Then I realized that in order to avoid falling victim to that in my later years, I need to stay engaged and sharp. I need to read; lots and lots of sources of varying information, so that I’m aware of what the scams are.

Then I realized I’m probably low risk, because I do things to keep my brain healthy in addition to educating myself. I eat well and I exercise and I get enough sleep. These are things it’s so easy to ignore, but we’re increasingly aware of the importance of paying attention as early as possible.

Did you know that functional medicine practitioners are increasingly looking at dementia as something that can be prevented with healthy habits? If you’re overweight, diabetic, or sedentary, you are increasing your chances of this horrible disease. Even if you’re only 35. Or 27. Or 51. There’s no such thing as “too early.”

But as Chris Kresser repeatedly states, genes load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger. If dementia runs in your family, you can probably avoid it by making changes to your daily habits. Sure, it’s hard to give up things that taste good in the moment, and lazy Netflix binges on the couch are incredible, but what would you be exchanging them for?

I can help you explore how to start making these changes. Please reach out for a complimentary consultation. It is never too early.

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