“I Can See It!”

I want to tell you a true story. I worked recently with a client who asked me early on about my own health journey. I wanted to understand the reason for the question, and upon further discussion, she blurted out, “Will it always be this hard?”

This person had taken on some major diet and lifestyle changes, and she was about a month into the journey at the time of the question.

In coaching, we worked on her inner critic, strategies she wanted to try to integrate new habits, ways to gauge success other than the scale, and ways to incorporate movement.

She worked hard and made good progress! About 6 weeks later, I asked, “How hopeful are you feeling now relative to several weeks ago when you asked me if it would always be hard?”

She almost looked surprised when she said, “You know, I can actually see this being a sustainable lifestyle now!”

I wasn’t surprised.

Yes, you can change. Health coaching works.

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