If you’re here, you might be feeling some self-doubt. You’ve tried and failed so many times to lose weight, get more exercise, handle your stress better, and here you are, back at the same place. Then you feel down on yourself and demoralized and weak. I can help. Yes, you can change. 

As a health coach, I will meet you where you are and help you figure out what you really need to feel  your most alive.  Together we will develop goals that are important to you, after having taken a close look at the long-term vision you have for yourself. We’ll find ways to move you toward those goals, at your pace, in partnership. The idea is that YOU are the expert in you. The coach comes with the expertise in helping people change habits and behaviors, but the two work in partnership. A coach will not tell you what to do (most people are not successful with this, which is well-documented), but rather will help you decide the best path for yourself and will support you through the implementation of the plans you develop. 

What if you tried to lose the weight, get more active, or manage your stress with this kind of partner? What if your coach helped you tap into your own inherent strengths and resources and how to apply them to your efforts? What if your coach helped you frame each thing you wanted to try as an “experiment,” and helped you see that there are no failures – only learning opportunities, and things to tweak?

A health coach has the time to spend with you on these issues that a medical practitioner does not. A health coach understands positive psychology – helping you use your strengths rather than trying to build up your weaknesses. A health coach will help keep you accountable in ways that YOU feel are helpful to you. There is no screaming at you from the sidelines. Everything is from a place of respect and compassion. 

What do you think you could accomplish with this kind of partner?

That’s health coaching. 

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