This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

We’ve done it to ourselves, and this is why we can’t have nice things.

Remember the days when physicians made house calls? Yeah, me neither, but I know it used to happen. And we got great care. But it was for acute illnesses. Flu, broken bones, and the like.

Usually the phrase, “This is why we can’t have nice things” is used as a joke, but it applies here. This house-call, personal-relationship with our physicians is a thing of the past.

Why? We have so much chronic disease that we’ve turned the medical industry into a factory. Get ’em in, pill ’em, get ’em out. It’s hard to lament when a physician doesn’t have much of a bedside manner when you’re the 27th person they’ve seen that day with 18 more on the docket.

But we could have nice things. If we’d take better care of ourselves, our physicians would be less overloaded. You know how we do that?

***Diet alone would clear up a huge majority of the problem.***
Back in the day of house calls, we weren’t eating what you see pictured here. We ate REAL food. Think about what your grandmother ate. Was there rampant heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, gout, digestive issues, or cancer like we see today? NOPE. But your grandmother ate real food.

Sugar, gluten, and inflammatory oils are the biggest culprits. I just heard Mark Hyman, M.D. say that in a week, he’d seen a 70% improvement from symptoms of ALL diseases just by cutting out gluten. For a WEEK. Do you realize how utterly powerful that is? There’s not a pill on earth that could ease symptoms like that, let alone prolong your life.

Yes, change is hard, but making these changes can save your life, and can also free up the bandwidth of the medical industry to help all of us more effectively. But it starts with each of us. Then we can have nice things.

Please reach out. We all deserve to feel good and have a long life. Change is hard, but health coaching is helping people adopt healthy lifestyles every day. Why not be one of THOSE statistics – a success story, rather than another chronic disease stat?

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