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Welcome to my August e-newsletter! Hopefully you’re not sweltering too badly. It’s been a hot summer! As I write this, I’m waiting for Hurricane Idalia to arrive. I’m maybe 60-70 miles southeast of the storm, and feeling grateful. It may be messy, but I still have power and A/C as of now!

How the heck do you refer someone to a health coach anyway? You can’t just say, “Hey, you’re not lookin’ too good these days; you oughta do something about that.” EEK.  Really, a referral to a health coach should be no more different than a referral to a plumber or a roofer. The thing is, we offer those referrals when someone announces a problem. Same thing with a health coach. You have to hear the problem. Read on:

COMING IN EARLY 2024:  An 8-week group coaching program, Understanding and Exploring Food Addiction. As a Certified Professional Food Addiction Coach, I’M SO EXCITED about this, as it has the potential to change lives. Please share this with anyone who has been concerned about their weight, or with health problems associated with their weight. Limited to 6 people. They’re welcome to contact me with questions. [email protected]

Last month, I mentioned that if you are interested in cleaning up your diet, three areas of focus are refined flour, sugar, and industrial seed oils. Here’s a good overview of refined flours, from Chris Kresser: 

Specifically, there are three main problems with refined flour:

  1. The consumption of refined flour raises blood sugar and insulin, causing metabolic dysfunction.
  2. Refined flour is depleted in nutrients and contains harmful additives.
  3. Refined flour displaces healthier foods from the diet.

These bullets came from this article:  and I could find you a half dozen more expressing the same concerns. What’s missing from the summary is a direct mention of inflammation, but inflammation is inherent in all three of those bullets.  As I’ve said, inflammation left unchecked leads to chronic disease.

I’ve also written a few articles about gluten intolerance, so if you’re interested in more on this you can check out HERE  or HERE. How do you know if you should be interested? One in every 100 people has celiac disease, which can have disastrous effects on your health left unaddressed, and potentially even more people have non-celiac gluten sensitivity (me included), which can also ruin quality of life and health when unaddressed. The statistics are too high for anyone to ignore. Again, inflammation left unchecked causes chronic disease. Promise: You or someone you  know suffers from one of these conditions.Heartburn/GI issues, migraines, joint pain, fatigue, anemia, skin rashes can all be telltale signs, but there are probably 100 ways these conditions can manifest themselves, and the root cause (the gluten intolerance) is often overlooked in favor of treating the symptom.

There’s a lot to it if you need to be gluten free, and a health coach can help. Here’s a great visual from the Gluten Intolerance Group on how you can support your gluten-free friends:

Foodie, but like convenience and quick? This was YUMMY!

In a doctor’s office, you’re told what to do. Here is a health coaching formula:
Curiosity + Creativity + Connection + Choice + Courage  =  Coaching 

Check out this James Clear quote

“Self care takes effort. It doesn’t just happen.

The body and mind need to be maintained. Similar to a garden, without effort, weeds will pop up and overtake everything.

With a bit of consistent pruning, the results can be beautiful.”

You’d think the man was a  health coach! 🙂

Questions? My promise to you:  I will answer every email.

Please share this with anyone you think might appreciate it, or with any organizational leaders you know who may appreciate a low-cost virtual presentation on any health-related topic. Work, PTA, religious organization, no matter. My goal is to get the world thinking about health and wellness and what it means to each person.

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Until next time, to your good health!


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