I want to tell you a true story. I worked recently with a client who asked me early on about my own health journey. I wanted to understand the reason for the question, and upon further discussion, she blurted out, “Will it always be this hard?” This person had taken on some major diet and lifestyle

We’ve all heard the expressions. “Go with your gut. I have a gut feeling… He gut-punched me. “ These sayings exist for a reason! Turns out, our gut (which includes everything from our mouth to our anus) is a main driver of our good health. Functional and conventional medicine alike are increasingly recognizing that if

Brene Brown, in her June 2021 podcast, described midlife as the time from your late-30s until you die. She went on to lay out in detail the things that it is time to let go when you hit this stage in your life. I invite you to look at her description (mostly a direct quote

An autoimmune disease develops when the body’s immune system becomes confused and attacks its own tissues.  Rates of autoimmune disease have exploded in the last 50 years. One in five Americans suffers from an autoimmune disease, and conventional medicine has relatively few options for treatment, usually involving heavy duty medications which only manage the symptoms,

If you’re here, you might be thinking that since you’re past age 35, there are certain conditions that you will just have to deal with forever. I’m happy to dispel a few of the myths, and my wish would be that this article gives you a sense of hope and empowerment. (Later edit to this

“After age 35, good health doesn’t come to us anymore. We have to go get it.” Those were the words my physician said to me, after she informed me that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition where the body makes antibodies that attack the thyroid, decreasing its function, and often requiring for medication for life. 

If you’re here, chances are you’re intrigued by the idea of reclaiming your health. You may have no idea what to do or where to start, and that’s OK. I can help. Perhaps you’ve already been to doctors who’ve told you that you need to make changes, but you struggle with how to do this on

If you’re here, you might be feeling some self-doubt. You’ve tried and failed so many times to lose weight, get more exercise, handle your stress better, and here you are, back at the same place. Then you feel down on yourself and demoralized and weak. I can help. Yes, you can change.  As a health coach,

We're full swing into the holiday season. Gut check. How are you? Some people love this time of year. Some people are overwhelmed by sending cards, buying gifts, attending endless events and the various required wardrobes, and navigating repeated food temptations every time they turn around. Then comes the dreaded New Year's Resolution to take

Welcome to my August e-newsletter! Hopefully you're not sweltering too badly. It's been a hot summer! As I write this, I'm waiting for Hurricane Idalia to arrive. I'm maybe 60-70 miles southeast of the storm, and feeling grateful. It may be messy, but I still have power and A/C as of now! How the heck do

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