Discipline- What Is It, Really?

When you think about making changes to your health behaviors, what are words that come to mind? Grit? Suck it up? Grin and bear it? Torture? Discipline?

What if it didn’t have to be all negative?

What if the process of change (yes, change can hard) could happen with a supportive partner, at your pace, with your specific goals (not what someone else thinks you should do)? What could “discipline” mean under these more positive and self-compassionate circumstances? 

A Nationally Board Certified Health Coach, Jason Gootman, used these words: 

“The word ‘discipline’ has been hijacked in our culture to erroneously mean making yourself do what you don’t want to do because it’s good for you. Discipline is actually knowing yourself really well, knowing what you really need to be your most alive, and settling for nothing less. Real discipline has a spirit more like self-advocacy than self-punishment.”

What if you had the opportunity to pursue the changes that feed the vision of the ideal self/situation you have for yourself- the things that make you feel most alive

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