We still have a landline and an answering machine. When you're finished snickering, please read the rest of the post. This one's important!I was deleting messages yesterday (all spam), and actually had one about my car's extended warranty. I thought, "Wow, I can't believe how many of these scams there are! But if they continue

This post is a summary of an awesome Ted Talk by Tim Ferriss (author of the 4-Hour Workweek, among others). If you have 13 minutes, I highly recommend it (watch here: Fear-Setting: The Most Valuable Exercise I Do Every Month), but if not, I've done my best to summarize. In this talk, he talks about his

Have you heard yourself saying any of these things? Doc says I have to _______ (quit smoking, quit drinking, lose weight, exercise, lower my blood sugar). I don’t know what to do!Lots of my relatives have died young.  How do I prevent this?Paleo diets, gluten, cavemen diets….Whaaat?I'm a salesperson! How am I supposed to fit in

It's hard to argue that cell phones and other devices have changed the way we live. But is it always in a good way? We've all seen it - two people sitting across from each other, both on their phones. Perhaps we've been that person. How have we gotten so disconnected from each other?! Research is

Why did the chicken cross the road? Even in this age-old joke, it's all about the reason. The Why. In health coaching, we'll often start with a vision session. If that sounds too cliche for you, all it means is really getting in touch with your "why." What is/are your most important reasons for wanting to

I want to tell you a true story. I worked recently with a client who asked me early on about my own health journey. I wanted to understand the reason for the question, and upon further discussion, she blurted out, “Will it always be this hard?” This person had taken on some major diet and lifestyle

We’ve all heard the expressions. “Go with your gut. I have a gut feeling… He gut-punched me. “ These sayings exist for a reason! Turns out, our gut (which includes everything from our mouth to our anus) is a main driver of our good health. Functional and conventional medicine alike are increasingly recognizing that if

Brene Brown, in her June 2021 podcast, described midlife as the time from your late-30s until you die. She went on to lay out in detail the things that it is time to let go when you hit this stage in your life. I invite you to look at her description (mostly a direct quote

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